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What are the possibilities of people contracted with HCV in Hungary nowadays?

  1. Pegylated interferon treatment in hospitals
  2. Interferon free treatments (very long waiting-lists, can be years)
  3. Qualitative original medicine and clinical treatment are offered in the USA, Israel and West-Europe (Germany, France, England)

And you can also choose from:

We offer you such medical attendance and service that is the equivalent of the services provided by modern, developed countries (those mentioned in point 3). They consist of the following:

- Highly qualified doctors

 -Clinics with great histories and references

 -Up-to-the-minute diagnostics and laboratory testing methods

 -Original generic medicines (Sofosbuvir-based) with quality certificate and international licenses

 -Affordable price

5 steps to HCV free life

The first and most important step to recovery is to get in contact with us via phone or email or visiting our office!

After getting in touch, our experts measure and analyze your health condition in order to give you the right treatment.

Then comes the agreeing of the Terms and Conditions and choosing the treatment’s date and location.

We run a full health check and prepare a customized treatment with monthly checkups before starting the cure.

More than 90% of the people go home HCV free after our treatment.

5 reasons for Ukraine

We provide experienced doctors and a treatment that meets the strict European quality specifications.

We also provide medical facilities that are highly equipped, world class and have international accreditation.

Qualitative services for your maximum comfort and quick recovery.

Prices are 70-80% lower than in Germany, France and Israel or in the USA.

Easily approachable geographic location.

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